The PP Fails To Gain An Absolute Majority In Andalucian Election

The PSOE Could form a goverment with the IU

According to reports in the press the PP has failed to win an absolute majority in the regional election in Andalucia
It is understood that despite making gains accross the whole of Andalcia the PP failed to win the 55 seats they needed to take control of the region
It is reported that with almost all the votes counted the PP has 50 seats, The PSOE has 47 and the IU have won 12
It was a close result and according to the reports the most likely outcome is that the PSOE will form an alliance with the IU to allow Jose Antonio Griñán to carry on ruling
The PP won in 5 provinces while the PSOE won in 4
According to the reports nearly 40% of the population did not go to the polls