New Uniforms For The Donkey Taxi Operators In Mijas

The move is to help improve the tourist image of the town

According to reports in the press the operators that run the donkey taxi service in Mijas Pueblo have been given ne uniforms in a move to improve the image of not only the service but the image of the town as a whole.
It is understood the 30 or so official operators will wear the uniform which is a brown vest and a hat whichare typical Andalusian garments.
The move is to get rid of the operators wearing items such as flipflops, baseball caps and t-shirts.
It is reported that the uniform change is not the only idea introduced ,operators will be encouraged to avoid smoking during working hours, there will be regular checks from vets on the donkeys as well as regular inspections of the carridges.
It has also been anounced that there are plans to extend the route around the town include the historic center of Mijas Pueblo