Agreement On Minimum Transport Services For General Strike

The agreement was reached late on Friday after a 10 hour meeting

According to reports in the press the unions and the Ministry for Development has reached agreement  on minimum transport services during the General Strike on March 29.
The agreement was reached on Friday after a 10 hour meeting and it is understood the levels They are almost identical to the last General Strike in 2010.
The services are as follows {% Of Normal Service}
TRAIN SERVCES Local Trains {Cercanias} Peak {6am-9am} 30% /Off Peak 25%
Long Distance Over 500 kms  20% 
AVE  20% 
National Flights 10% / Mainland – Canaries/Baleares 50%
EU Flights 20% / International 40%
COACH 25%.
Mainland – Baleares between 50-100%
Mainland – Melilla,Canaries And Ceuta 100%