Man Dies After Been Stabbed In Malaga Apartment Block

Both the vitim and the alleged attacker lived in the same block

According to reports in the press a 29 year old man died yesterday  after being stabbed in a building in the neighborhood of García Grana in Malaga.
It is understood that the National Police arrested the  alleged perpetrator of the assault, 
It is reported that the  incident took place at seven o’clock yesterday  in an apartment building located at number 3 la plaza de la Biznaga. Emergency services attened the scene and found a young man who had been stabbed
According to the reports despite efforts at the hospital the young man who was well known in the area died in hospital, It is understood he was married with a son.
The arrested man who lived in the same block was bleeding from one ear and was taken to  the Carlos Haya Hospital to receive medical care.