Local Police Arrest Three Members Of Same Family

Those arrested as also wanted by the Guardia Civil for other offences

According to reports in the press Police in Mikas have arrested three members of the same family for threatening, resisting and disobeying Local police officers who were asking them for identification  after receiving a notice for alleged disorderly conduct.

It is understood that the incident occurred last Wednesday when neighbors in the neighborhood of Las Cañadas alerted the Local Police to the presence of three individuals  who were shouting and causing a disturbance 

It is reported that officers attened  the scene and when they tried to identify the people, they began to attack, the officers who had to call for backup

One of the detainees, GFM, has a history of committing crimes while the other two were identified in the press as  ASM and GJFM
The  Guardia Civil, have said they  also are wanted in a case  concerning possession and consumption of narcotic substances.