Woman Arrested For Allegedly Throwing A Child Into River Guadalmedina

The child is safe and well with his grandparents 

Police have arrested a woman who allegedly threw her 9 year old son into the water at the mouth of the River Guadalmedina
Police were alerted to the incident by a man who reported that he saw the woman throw the child into the water and then refuse to help the child out despite the child’s cries for assistance.
Offers from the Police Local and the National Police attended the scene near calle Pasillo del Matadero at around 6pm and had to rescue the child who had become stuck in the mud before been transferred to the Hospital Materno Infantil
The 30 year old mother of the child was arrested by Police and taken to the Hospital Civil for a psychiatric assessment before been transferred to the Clínico where she remained overnight in Police custody.
The child was treated and released into the care of his grandparents while officers from the Unidad de Delincuencia Especializada y Violenta (UDEV) de la Comisaría Provincial. Launched an investigation to determine the facts of the case