Junta De Andalucia Allocates Over Five Million Euros To Help Areas Affected By Floods And Fire

Around 385 additional workers are been employed

The Junta de Andalucia has allocated more than five million euros to repair damage caused by the massive fire in August . the flooding that has affected areas of Andalucia earlier this year as well as measures to prevent it happening again
Around 385 workers will carry out repair and restoration work across the affected areas
In the sierras Parda, Blanca and  Bermeja in  Mijas, Coín and Ojén work to stop land erosion that is hampering the restoration work following the fire is underway involving an investment of one million euros and employing 120 workers
110,000 Euros has also been allocated to restoration work to the damage caused to Mijas by the fire in 2011
Work involving the  removal of vegetation in the vicinity of several medium voltage lines, is underway investment of more than 500,000 euros as well as the implementation of ways that can prevent fires and to improve response time to any incident
Nealy 2 million euros has been allocated for work to repair glood damage in Ronda, Antequera and Guadalhorce is also underway with 120 employed
The cleaning, repair and replacement of irrigation infrastructure in the Guadalhorce is another focus for the work