Mijas Fire Under Control

The Fire spread towards Mrbella over night

According to reports in the press the fire was brought under control at around 12.40 today
It is understood that INFOCA removed their level 1 alert and have said there was no further danger to inhabited areas
It is reported  there were suspicions that the fire had been started deliberately and a full investigation has been started
Reports say that despite the scale of the fire which had destroyed some 400 hectare there had been material damage, but there were no reported injuries
The fire has destoyed four peoperties 
During the operation a A total of 22 planes were used to fight the fire including four amphibious planes, three earth dumping planes, 11 helicopters and four coordination planes
In total 200 people were evacuated in Mijas, 500 were evacuated from Marbella and 200 more from Ojén.