Seven Year Old Girl Dies After Been Crushed By Fathers Car

The accident happened during heavy rain

According to reports in the press a 7 year old girl from Archidona  died tragedy yesterday after the car she was traveling was involved in an accident
It is understood that  Elena LD and her father, Francisco LC were traveling to a birthday party along the A-7200, which links to the motorway A-92 in a a Renault Kangoo when the van skidded on a corner near to  the junction and overturned in a ditch.
It is reported that the girl was thrown out of the van which then landed on her
The accident happened at 17.30 yesterday during heavy rain and the emergency services were alerted just 14 minutes later. On arrival at the scene the girl was found to have died. Her body was then taken to a local clinic.
The father was also injured in the accident and the family are now been cared for and been given counseling