Row Over Work To Fuengirola Promenade

The PSOE clain the Govenment has broken promises 

According to reports in the press a row has broken out in GFuengirola between the PP and the PSOE over the lack of a set date for work on the remodeling of the fourth phase of the promenade of Fuengirola which is located on Carvajal area.
It is understood there is no set date for work to commence or for the dunds in the state budget 
The PSOE say the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has broken the promise that the work would begin immediately and also that The general secretary of the PSOE  in the town, Javier Garcia Leon said that both the chief executive and the Mayor of Fuengirola lied during a rally 
It is reported that it  was clarified by the town hall that the Government’s commitment was to bring to public tender the work,  between the financial years of 2012 and 2013,  2013 or between 2013 and 2014.”