Woman Shot In Torso By Car Thieves

The stolen car was discovered in Sevile Province

According to reports in the press a 44 year old woman was  shot in the torso by robbers, who stole her car, purse and cell phone on Sunday in the outskirts of Colmenar
It is understood  she was assaulted when she was in her car with her husband. by  a  hooded  person who surprised the couple when they returned home . They pointed a sawed-off shotgun at them and ordered them to get out of the vehicle,
It is reported that a shot was fired and she was injured in the torso as well as numerous buckshot wounds in the chest area, shoulder and arm
The robbers who used a stolen ford focus to get to the scene fled in the woman car which was found abandoned in the municipality of Osuna, in the province of Seville. Thw woman is still in the Carlos Haya Hospital in Malaga
The investigation remains open.