Welcome To The New www.costadelsol.st

We Launch Our New Look Portal

Welcome to the new www.costadelsol.st !
We have launched our new modern portal with lots of cool features, including Blogs, columns, discussion boards and so on.
www.costadelsol.st is the world’s largest portal on the Costa del Sol for Scandinavian and English speaking people, and now we will be even better!
As we continue to grow  in terms of visitor numbers  we are now investing both money and hard work to even be the most modern portal with the latest technology and opportunities. The portal will constantly evolve with new features and content.
Regarding blogs, columns, discussion boards, we are seeking those who have the desire to share experiences from the Costa del Sol or Spain in general, let us know!
Removal of Members. We will move most of the members of the new portal, but will limit ourselves to those who have been logged in recent years.If you can not log on to our new website after its launch, so sign up simply again, then you will access more features, including a new great webmail where you get ”username [at] costadelsol [dot] st” as your address. You will also be able to use our free Classifieed Ads market ”Buy & Sell”
New real estate department. We have now also a completely fresh and new real estate department. There is great interest to buy a dream home in Spain now, very cheap!Here you will find a lot of good selected items. We have many more in the pipeline, you are interested in buying or selling anything on the Costa del Sol, please contact us at info [at] costadelsol [dot] st / +34659 66 45 67 and we will help you the whole way.
Welcome to the future at www.costadelsol.st!