Police Arrest British Man In Connection Of Major Fraud

 Anthony Muldoon Has Been Living  In Spain For Over 25 Years

Police have arrested a man in connection will an alleged multi-million pound internet scam involving escort and debt assistance websites.
The man who has been named as  65 year old Anthony Muldoon originally from Ipswich has lived in Spain for 27 years 
It is alleged that he is incolved in various scams which have affected as many as 15,000 victims in the UK who have ben defrauded of around six milion pounds
Police arrested him at a hotel in Fuengirola last week and he was extradited to the UK on Saturday and will appear in court on 28 June in Ipswich
A Scottish woman named as 59 year old  Geraldine French and A South African man named as 28 year old  Bradley Rogers have also been arrested in Spain and will be extradited shortly