Man Attempts To Abduct Three Year Old Child In Malaga

The mother managed to fight off the attacker

A woman in Malaga has reported that a man tried to abduct her three year old daughter as they walked back from school on Wednesday
As 23 year old Vanessa Torres went to collect her daughter from CEIP Victoria Kent in Camino del Pato Malaga she spotted a man on calle La Unión Mercantil crouched down beside a silver car who looked like he eas changing a tyre on his car.
As she walked back home she noticed that the man was still beside the car and they passed the man grabbed the girls leg and tried to drag her away from her mother
The mother managed to fight him off by kicking the man in his chest and ran back home with her daughter
The man is described as being between 50-55 with grey hair and a mustache. He was wearing a black hat , a dark stripped suit , white shirt and dark shoes
Police sent several units to the area after being called shortly after 4pm but were unable to located anyone matching the description