More Arrests Made In Connection With The Shooting Of A Teanager

The main suspect moved the body from his property to the roadside

According to reports in the press there have been more arrests made in connection with the death of a teenager whose body was found at the side of the road
It is understood that the wife of the man accused of shooting the boy has been arrested  for allegedly covering up the crime and it is also reported that a friend who was with the deceased on the night it happened  has been charged with attempted robbery.
More facts surrounding the case have also been reported in the press including the identity of the man arrested for the alleged shooting  who has been identified as 58 year old P.N.G.
It is reported that the victim who was from San Pedro de Alcántara  was trying to steal marijuana plants from the man’s property and that the victim had been involved in previous attempted break-ins at the property with a group of friends from the area
According to the reports in the press it is not the first time the victim and his friends had been shot at and it is understood that one time another member of the group was injured
Police seized a hunting shotgun and 10 other firearms from the home of the main suspect