Grim Unemployment Figures For Malaga In November

Malaga has the fastest growing rate in Andalucia

Figures released by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social have shown that unemployment in Malaga rose in November.
There are now 214,050 people registered unemployed , a rise of 8774 from October
The new figures now mean that Malaga has the fastest growng unemployment rate in Andalucia and the seconf fastest in Spain
The service sector is the sector most affected with 8135 more unemployed mainly sue to the end of the summer season
Other sectors affected are Agriculture with 417 more unemployed, Industry with 363 and construction with 577
In Andalucia the number of unemployed rose to 1,110,801 , up 23,500 compared to October.
The provinces in Andalucia that saw rises were are as follows
Cadiz, 5,423 by Sevilla 4017, Huelva 2672. Almería, with 541
Nationally, the country reached the figure of 4,907,817 unemployed, 74,296 more than in October.