Four Arrested Fot Handling Stolen Goods And Drug Trafficking

The Guardia Civil carried out raids in the town

According to reports in the press Gurdia Civil officers in Antequera have arrested of four reople and recovered  various stolen material, plus the carried out the  seizure of various drugs

It is understood the detainees, CFA, FJRF., JARF and SPS., 49, 30, 24 and 62 years respectively, all belog to the same gamg who are  allegedly engaged in drug trafficking and receiving stolen objects i

It is reported that after officers carried out two simultaneous raids in the town of Campillos, the ooficers carried out the recovery  and seizure of the following effects:

A moped, air rifle, four car cassette player, a set of car speakers, a compressor, a chainsaw, two televisions, four DVD, PSP, two mobile phones, music player, a hammer compressor, a group welding, a sander, three drills, a radio, three speakers (speakers) sound car, three playstation, printer, computer two hard drives, a professional stapler, a laptop computer ten speakers, electric screwdrivers, a vacuum cleaner, a stereo, three toolboxes, two power car
– Seizure of 13 bags of heroin and cocaine scrambled, 300 grams of marijuana, a precision scale, 22-caliber ammunition, an air rifle of caliber 5’5, a 30-cm machete blade.
160 euros in cash,