Four Arrested After Body Of Woman Found In Mijas

The body was found last week by workman

According to reports in the press Police have arrested four people in connection with the murder of a woman whose body was discovered at a isolated property in Mijas last week.
It is understood from the reports Police believe the bosy is that of  of  Jenna Lepomaki and DNA testing isa been carried out to confirm this
The 19 year old woman from Finland went missong earlier this year whilst on holidy in Fuengirola
It  is reported that the came to Spain after meeting friends online after they paid for her to come. THe reports in the Spanish press say that she placed a complaint with the Guardia Civil in which she claimed that her friends had made threats her  after she refused to act as a courier to smuggle cocaine back into Finland from Spain.
It is understood that the four arrested are  Finnish nationals and they have been identified as the man who owns the villa, who was arrested here and the two friends she travelled with and the mother of one of the two who ere arrested in Finland