Possible Serial Killer Could Be Operating On The Costa Del Sol

The first victim was discovered in Mijas in August

According to reports in the press a joint operation is beiing carried out by the National Police and the Guardia Civil  foillowing  to  two recent murders on the Costa Del Sol 
It is understood from the reports that officers belive the murders of the two women could be the work of a serial killer and could be related to previous murders with a similar modus operandi
It is reported that the  South American women, who had both taken out Spanish nationality were of  a similar age, and were both found stabbed to death in properties which were not theirs.
According to reports in the press  Susana M.F. from Argentina, was found  in a flat in Calahonda, Mijas, on August 11.and then on September 10, Maryuru Alice P., from Brazil, was discovered in San Pedro de Alcántara,