Clampdown On Health Tourists Continues

Europeans must have heald a resident card for more than three months to to be able to obtain a health card

The Government crackdown on health tourists is continuing and it has been announced that on the 31 August this year any Irregular immigrants will lose the use of the health service cards on August 31
After this date anyone classed as a Irregular immigrants will only be able to get  emergency treatment, unless they are pregnant women or children, who will still get full health coverage.
Thwe reports in the press state that EU citizens, those from Switzerland and other states in the European Economic Area will see a change in their status in regard to health.
To obtain a health card these people will have to have held a residnet card for over three months , working or studying or be able to prove they have  sufficient resources for all the members of their family so that during their time living in Spain they do not become a burden on the site.