Charity Dinner To Raise Money For Those Affected By Fire

Unicaja has opened an account for donations 

The asociación gastronómica Tapearte is organizing a charity dinner to help reforest the municipalities affected by the fire in the Costa del Sol at the end of August
The dinner will be held on Thursday 27 September at the Kempinski Hotel in Estepona from 20.30. 
The menu which will feature 23 dishes designed specifically for the event. cooked by 23 chefs will cost 200 euros per person
The event which is been promoted by the Tourist Board of the Costa del Sol is limited to 150 people.
In addition the Ubicaja bank has opened a bank account for donations . The number is  2103 0169 73 0030019352 
The 23 chefs who will be led by the food historian Fernando Rueda are as  follows
1. Álvaro Arbeloa – Restaurante Takumi, Marbella (Málaga).
2. Amador Fernández – Restaurante Amador, Málaga.
3. Benito Gómez – Restaurante Tragatapas, Ronda (Málaga).
4. Cati Schiff – Obrador Dulce&Salado, Fuengirola (Málaga).
5. Celia Jiménez – Restaurante Bodegas Campos, Córdoba.
6. Charo Carmona – Restaurante Coso San Francisco, Antequera (Málaga).
7. Dani García – Restaurante Calima, Marbella (Málaga).
8. Diego del Río – Restaurante El Lago, Marbella (Málaga).
9. Diego Gallegos – Caviar de Riofrío. Riofrío (Granada).
10. Fernando González – Restaurante Manducare, Málaga.
11. Francisco Jarabo – Restaurante Casa Luque, Nerja (Málaga).
12. Israel Ramos – Restaurante Albalá, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz).
13. Iván Bravo – Restaurante Realengo, Málaga.
14. Javier Hernández – Restaurante Candado Golf, Málaga.
15. Jordi Bataller – Hotel Kempinski, Estepona (Málaga).
16. José Carlos García – Restaurante José Carlos García, Málaga.
17. Juan Andrés Morilla – Restaurante El Claustro, Granada.
18. Kisko García – Restaurante Choco, Córdoba.
19. Mauricio Giovanini – Restaurante Messina, Marbella (Málaga).
20. Pachu Barrera – Restaurante La Cocina, Málaga.
21. Richard Alcayde – Restaurante MED, Torremolinos (Málaga).
22. Sergio del Río – Restaurante Alumbre, Málaga.
23. Willie Orellana – Restaurante Uvedoble, Málaga.