Costa Del Sol Fire Overview

Arrests have been made

The fire that affected the Western Costa Del Sol and Inland Areas last week is now under control although there is still teams working to ensure it does not flair up again
The fire was one of the largest in Spain and the worst in the area for as long as people can remember
The fire forced the evacuation of more than 5000 people and affected more than at leat 2000 hectares accross Coín, Monda, Ojén, Alhaurín El Grande, Mijas Costa and Marbella
It has been confiemed that one person died who has now been identifed as a 54 year old German man with the initials C.R whose body was discovered in Ojen
At least five people were injred and hundreds of homes were either totally destroyed of suffered major damage. 
The Community has railed together using facebook and other social media sirtes to co-ordinate a massive aid program to help those affected by the fire
The Iceland Store in Fuengirola became the centre for collections and distribution collecting everything from clothing to dog food and raising a large amount of cash.
During the hight of the fire people rialed around to take part in the rescue of around 140 dogs and 60 cats from kims animal shelter that was affected by the fire
Sadly the loss to the domestic and wild animal population of the area was much greater with sad stories of people having to leave their pets as they were evacuated. The vumber of wild animals lost is even greater and we will will more tha likely know the true amount lost during this terrible fire
The work to rebuild the community is now underway and with everyone working together we will slowly recover
Sadly the reports show that the fire was no accident and arrests have been made althogh the investigation is by no means over.
It is now thought the fire started in the Barranco Blanco netween Alhaurin El Grande and Coin althogh other firesd may have also been started