Police Arrest Man After Car Chase Through Two Towns

The chase that started in Alhaurin El Grande involves a number of Police cars

According to reports in the press Police have arrested a man who drove through two police checks wiithout stopping and led Police in a chase that stagrted in Alhaurin El Grande and ended in Cartama

It is understood that the chase that took place a few days ago involves a number of Police vehicles from the Local Police and Guardia Civil.

It is reported that the chase started when the driver of a Ford Escort aglmost hit the officers   at a road block at the Parque de la Libertad in Alhaurin . the driver then fled down the MA-3304 being chased by officers towards Cartama

In Cartama the driver failed to stop again, almost running over the officers at that road block as well.

It is also reported that the driver attempted to force one of the patrol cars off the road.

The Police finally mamageg to stop the driver when he collided with a Police local car from Alhaurin el Grande in Calle Santo Cristo

Thje man allegedly tried to attack the Police wiith a knife but was finally disarmed .It is reported the car showed signs of been stolen and it is understood the 36 year old driver has a crinimal record