Malaga In Top 15 Most Expensive Spanish Cities To Take A Taxi

Malaga is the most expensive city in Andalucia to take a taxi

According to figures released by the consumer association Facua Malaga is one of the most expensive cities in Spain to take a taxi
According to the study Malaga is the 14th most expensive city in Spain and retains the top spot in Andalucia.
The study also shows that it costs on average two euros more on Saturdays and Sundays to take a taxi at night in Malaga compared to the day rate.
The consumer association has said there is no justification for this additional charge
Facua has also expressed their opposition to the supplements that are imposed for passengers taking a taxi from the airport and the port
Passengers are charged an additional 5.50 from the airport and 1 euro from the port
Details of the rankings
The most expensive cities: Tarragona, San Sebastián, Gerona, Toledo, Valencia, Alicante, Castellon, Lerida Lugo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Ciudad Real, Gijon and Malaga.
The cheapest: Las Palmas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Lanzarote, Ceuta, Cádiz, Jaén, Almería, Cuenca, Melilla, Huelva, Córdoba, Zaragoza and Palma de Mallorca.