Fall In Unemployment Levels In Andallucia

National Levels Have Fallen As Well

There was some  good news for Andalucia from Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social   as figures showed that the number of registered unemployed people at the Instituto Nacional de Empleo (INEM)  fell by 5859 to 1,043,714 in May which is a decrease of 0.56% over the previous month.
More detailed numbers showed that in the different provinces there were  decreases with Malaga Province coming out on top
Malaga 2,021 {0.98%} – Granada 1,633 {1.54%} – Cordoba 1218 {1.29%} – Cadiz 968 {0.54%}  – Huelva 845 {1.41%} – and Jaen 321 {0.50%}
However In Seville there was a rise of 772 {0.32%} and in Almeria a rise of 375 {0.47%}
Accross Spain the was a fall of 30,113 to 4.71 million people