Charges Against Youths In Connection With Death In Competa

A Street Fight Broke Out On June 5th 2009

According to reports in the press charges have been filed againt 17 youths in connection with the  death of  49 year old Stephen Alexander Mallon, after a street fight in Cómpeta in June 2009.
It is understood thaat the 5 of the 17 are accused on the charge of homicide of the British  man while the rest are facing charges of causing injury and causing a brawl.
It is reprted that bail has been set at 100,000 € for those facing the homicide charge, and at 10,000 € for the rest.
Those accused are  all aged between 18 and 25. and come from Cómpeta as well as other local villages such as Canillas de Albaida and Árchez