Boy Dies After Falling From Fourth Floor Window

The Police recived numerous calls abouit the incident

According to reports in the press a 15 year old boy died yesterday at around noon  in Malaga after falling from the fourth floor of a block of flats located on calle Princesa Polixena in the barriada de Sixto area of the city.
It is understood the boy fell from the window of his home that he shared with his parents and two sisters. 
It is reported that several patrols of the National Police and the Loca police l rushed to the scene and had to cordon off the area before the arrival of many neighbors,  b
According to the reports the National Police have taken over the investigation of the event, which focuses on determining whether it was an  accident or the boy jumped  voluntarily.It is reported that his fell following an argument because the the boy wanted to leave home.
A team has been assigned to offer psychological help to the family