80% Decrease In Number Of Families That Will Be Offered The Cheque-Libros In Velez-Malaga

Just 500 families will get help from the system

The town hall in Valez Malaga is to reduce the number of families that will benifit from the cheque-libros to pay for school books and materials.
In previous years the town hall has offered 50 Euros but the changes will mean that the figure will now rise to 120 euros for families who need help
Last year 2500 students benifited from the system but this figure is now to be reduched to 500
The edil de Educación, Aurora Díaz explained to have said the messures have been introduced as there are families who do not need the help and it will mean that they will be able to help the students who do need it
Tthe criteria for granting aid shall be determined by the town hall