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Specialising in rural Spanish inland properties

Based in Baza (Granada), Spain, Real Estate Rusticom Andalucia, S.L.U. (website:  http://www.rusticom.co.uk)  is a registered real estate agency specialising in rural Spanish inland properties for sale in The Altiplano de Granada or otherwise known as the Granada “Lake District” – one of the most visually stunning areas in all of Spain. In Spain, this area is know as region of the “Paridise of Contrasts” given that nearly every landscape that exists in Europe can be found within a 60 mile radius, from deserts to trout streams to coasts to snow capped mountains to forests and lakes .
If you are searching for a property in Spain for full time living, retirement, holidays, investment, business or B&B and are looking for a change you’ve come to the right place. Why not live in a traditional Spanish cave house, cortijo or finca in Andalucia, typical Andalucian rustic farmhouse in the country, Spanish villa or a charming historic town house in rural inland Spain? We represent property for sale in traditional rural Spain but be within easy reach of airports, the Spanish coast, skiing and the capital cities of Granada, Almeria, Murcia & Jaen.
Our coverage encompasses all the towns and villages in the Lake District of Granada including the beautiful areas around Lake Negratín, Lake Bolera, Lake El Portillo (or Castril), Lake San Clemente & Mount Jabalcón and the national parks of Sierra de Baza, Sierra de Cazorla, Sierra Castril, Sierra La Sagra & the Sierra de Los Filabres. Rusticom Andalucia also has property for sale in and around the large market towns of the region including Baza, Guadix, Huéscar, and Pozo Alcon and in the towns and villages and countryside of Galera, Castril, Caniles, Cortes de Baza, Gor, Freila, Zujar, Cuevas del Campo, Cullar, Castillejar, Benamaurel & Orce among others. Our extensive listings of properties in rural Spain range from cave houses in need of complete restoration to renovated country homes. The staff of Real Estate Rusticom Andalucia would be pleased to assist you in your property search in inland Andalucia, Spain.

Rural Real Estate Rusticom Andalucia, S.L.

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