Fuengirola Man Drowns While Trying To Save His Dog

The man was on a hunting tripAccordig to reports in the press a man from Fuengirola died yesterday while hunting in Cordoba Yhe man who has been identified as 56 year old CJN was hunting near the town  of Santaella (Córdoba) drowned while…

Another Person Drowns On The Costa Del Sol

A Person Drowned In Torremolinos Hours EarlierAccording to reports in the press a second person drowned on the Costa Del Sol on Wednesday, hours after a man drowed in Torremolinos It is understood that the 45 year old  drowned  on…

Drowning Woman Rescued By Malaga Police

The woman was on the beach with friends According to reports in the press Police in Malaga saved a young woman who nearly drowned on a beach in Malaga It is understood from the reports the  21 year old who apparently had been drinking…