Woman Ordered To Pay Fine For Leaving Dogs In A Locked Car Without Water

The Dogs showed signs of dehydration and neglect

The court in Malaga has ordered a woman to pay the fine of 75 Euros  oleaving her two dogs locked in a car in the sun.
The woman had been convicted and ordered to pay the fine but appealed to the court. Her appeal was however rejected
The case started last June in Fuengirola when a veterinarian reported seeing two dogs locked in a car in the town which were showing signs of dehydration and neglect. The annimals had no water ,were dirty and the windows of the car were fully closed
Lcal Police attened the scene and released the dogs . Police testified during the trial that they waited for around two hours but the owner failed to appear
The woman claimed in her appeal that it was only a short time and she had not abandoned the animals