Three Arrested In Drug Bust Near Ronda

Over 30 Kilos Of Drugs Seized In Operation

According to reports in the press three people have been arrestd and over 30  kilograms of marijuana have been seized in an operation carriede out by the Guardia Civil in Malaga province
It is understood from the reports officers raided three homes in the town of Benaoján near Ronda and arrested three people suspected of a crime of possession, cultivation, processing and trafficking of drugs
It is reported that 800 euros, several products for the cultivation of these drugs, plastic wrap to keep the drugs, a precision scale and culture vials with different varieties of marijuana were also seized
The three who were arrested  have been named with the initials F.J.R.C. D.B.N. and J.G.A  and their case  has  been referred to the Court of First Instance and Instruction Court No. 3 of Ronda,