Sentences Handed Down In Marbella ‘Minutas’ Corruption Case

The three main defendents all rrecived jail sentences

According to reports in the press sentences have been handed down in the  ‘Minutas’ case which is an off shoot of the Malaya corruption case
It is understood that  José María del Nido the  Sevilla lawyer, along with the ex Mayor of Marbella, Julián Muñoz  and  Juan Antonio Roca have all been given sentences
It is reported that  José María del Nido and Julián Muñoz was  given a seven years and six month prison sentence after been found guilty of perversion of the course of justice and the misuse of public funds However both men were found not guilty of document falsification and continued corporate crime, In addition Del Nido was cleared of influence peddling, inappropriate enrichment, the presentation of false documents, and professional disloyalty.
It is understood from the reports that the two were also disqualified from working for 15 years and must compensate Marbella Town hall 3,058,505 € for Muñoz and 2.7 million € for Del Nido.
Juan Antonio Roca, was sentenced to four years in prison three years for the misuse of public funds and one for fraud.