Police Seek British Man In Connection With Attempted Abdcution In Velez-Malaga

The suspect was convicted in Britain for a similar crime

Police are searching for a British man who is wanted in connection with the attempted abduction of a girl in Velez-Malaga on the 19th November
The man who has been identified as 58 year old former teacher Robert Edward Bill who was jailed in the UK for the attempted abduction of a girl of five in Wales
The family of the 11 year old girl say that the man was waiting outside a silver-gray Peugeot 106 with the door opened near to the courthouse and as the girl passed he grabbed her and forced her into the car.
The girl managed to escape and told her family who reported it to the Police.
At first there was little information to go on but after a investigation Police have named Robert Edward Bill as the person they are looking for.