More Tough Regulations Being Enforced In Spain

These are the latest rules and regulations that are currently being enforced according to reports in the press

Here are some more tough rules and regulations that are now being enforced in Spain
In Mijas bars and restaurants owners face punishment for excessive noise coming from their establishments after 3pm on Sundays
Dog owners across the Costa Del Sol now face tougher punishments for not cleaning up their pets mess as the authorities start to enforce this law
Another regulation that is now being enforced is the times when rubbish can be put into the containers
Boat owners in Nerja now face stricter rules to keep moorings and berths tidy Beach café owners are now being forced into taking responsibility for helping keeping the surrounding areas clean.
On the roads Trafico are getting tougher often using random checks to catch offenders Officers are currently carrying out random seat belt checks and that children are using the correct safety seats. Officers are also checking that dogs are being correctly restrained and also any large objects in vehicles must also be tied down for safety