Marbella Mayor Performs CPR On Crash Victim

The Nayor was critical of the response time by the emergency services

According to reports Ángeles Muñoz, the Mayor of Marbella gave CPR to 35 year old man who was seriously hurt after coming off his motorbike on the A-397 road from Ronda to San Pedro de Alcántara, near Igualeja, on Sunday,
It is understood the Mayor along with a doctor and nurse from Ronda and a local policeman from Málaga spent around 20 minutes trying to save the mans life,.Sadly the ,am died by the time the ambulance arrived.
It is also reported the length of time it took the ambulance to arrive.was critzed by the Mayor It is reported  the response time was 41 minutes from the moment the first call was received by the 112 emergency number. It is understood there  may have been problems in transferring the call to the 061 medical emergency number.