The baby was admitted to hospital after becomming ill at home

According to eports in the press the  National Police in Malaga has opened an investigation into the circumstances of the death on Monday of 2 month old  baby
It is understood the baby was admiitted to the Hospital Materno Infantil in a critical condition and died shortly before midnight on Monday night..
It is reported that the baby was admitted to hospital after becoming sick at home. The father of the baby dsaid he was just about to feed the baby when  he noticed the baby had problems regaining consciousness
The Ambulance took the child to hospital but medical staff were unable to save the life of the child. The body was taken to Instituto de Medicina Legal (IML) de Málaga for an autopsy and its is reported that the investigation revealed the presence of internal injury, 
The case is now been investigated by the Unidad de Delincuencia Especializada y Violenta (UDEV) ( the Specialist Crime Unit and Violent (UDEV)}