Fall In The Number Of Road Deaths In Malaga

There have been 21 deaths on Malaga’s roads so far this year

Figures released  by the subdelegado del Gobierno, Jorge Hernández Mollar, la jefa provincial de Tráfico, Trinidad Hernández, and el capitán de la Guardia Civil de Tráfico  José Antonio Montes show that the number of deaths on Malaga’s roads has fallen in 2012.
Between 1st  January and 16th December a total of 21 people were killed on the roads Malaga, representing a decrease of 40.6% from the same period in 2011,
The data shows that that the average age of the deceased is 36 years and only one woman.
The main cause of the fatal accidents are pedestrians being hit and traffic leaving the road with the main reasons for the accidents being  breach of the rules or driver distraction ,with speaking on mobile phone while driving the main cause
During the perod the main road offences were alcohol {680 cases} and driving without a licence {635} Police also carried out 75 drug tests on drivers with three people ending up in court.