Warning Issued Over Black Henna Tatoos

If you suffer from a reaction consult the doctor immediately

The Ministerio de Sanidad, through through the  Agencia del Medicamento has released an alert warning of the danger of the use of black henna tattoos  
The warning says that  black henna contains a black-colored dye, prohibited for use on the skin, which can trigger severe allergies as well as increasing the risk of allergic reactions to hair dyes. 
The Ministry has said that natural henna, which usually does not produce allergies, is a greenish brown color and becomes  a red brown color
The Natural henna will last about 3-4 days while the black henna will last over a week
If you have had a henna tatto done with black ink and you have had a the skin reacts with itching and blisters, go immediately to your the doctor.