Second Runway At Malaga Opens On June 26th

The new runway cost nearly 400 miollion euros

Malaga Airport’s second runway will officially open on June 26th,
The new runway will allow Malaga to handle double the amount of flights using the airport. The airport currently handles 37 flights an hour but once the open the airport will be able to handle 72 flights an hour
It is hoped that it will allow more routes to open to and from Malaga and therefore increse the number of tourists visiting the Costa Del Sol
Malaga becomes the 5th airport in Spain to have two runways, The others been Madrid (4), Barcelona (3), Palma de Mallorca (2) and Gran Canaria (2)
It follows the suscessful trial use of the runway on the 17th May when 44 aircraft used the second runway
It is reported that  the new runway will be used initially only in times of increased demand in the peak summer season