Rise In Property Rental Prices In Spain

Price Increae  in Andalucia were the 6th highest in the country

The National  Statistics Institute published figures last Friday that show that average price of home rentals in Spain grew by 0.7% during April, compared to same month of 2011
In Andalucia fiigures rose by 0.8% 
Figures in other parts of the countrry are as follows
Catalonia 1.4%,   Basque Country and Asturias,   1.2%, Castilla y León,  1.1%, and Galicia,   1%.   Melilla (0.7%), Ceuta (0.7%), the Canary Islands (0.6%), Extremadura (0.5%), Castilla-La Mancha (0.5%), Cantabria (0.4%), Aragon (0.4%), the Balearic Islands (0.4%), and Madrid (0.2%).  
In Murcia and La Rioja, the rents dropped in the provinces of Alicante (-1.1%), Castellón (-1%), Huelva (-0.7%), Huesca (-0.4%) and Ávila (-0.2%)