One of the two suspects is still being hunted

Local Police in Benamocarra have arrested a 23 year old Romanian citizen for alleged theft.
It is alleged that around 11.30 the suspect along with a woman went to a house located in Calle Federico García Lorca armed with a clipboard . They told the resident of the house that they were collecting collect signatures and donations  to prevent the closure of an alleged disabled center Malaga.
The female occupant of the house agreed to sign the petition but did not want to make a financial donation.
The man then gave the woman a hug to thank  her for her support but as he did he grabbed a gold chain from around the woman’s neck and fled.
Police arrived on the scene a few minutes later and they were able to locate the suspect a few minutes later and he was arrested in  Plaza del Calvario after a short chase.
The hunt for the other suspect is continuing.
It is thought the two people are responsible for other thefts in Malaga Province