The new laws are a result of the crisis

Tough new laws and regulations are now being enforced here on the Costa Del Sol as Town Halls try to deal with the crises
Here is a list
Anyone caught smoking in a car can be fined up to €300. Please note this applies to both driver and passengers
Anyone caught with items on the back seat. E.g shopping , books etc can be fined up to €300
UK Driving Licences Must now be replaced with a Spanish one along with a medical certificate
For people wanting to open a restaurant or bar must now comply with a long list of requirements before an opening licence is granted and the town hall can take months to complete this.
 Another very important law is that all residents who spend more than 183 days per year in Spain must declare all their offshore assets, accounts and properties on Form 720 by April 30
Lottery wins over 2,500 will be taxed by 20%
For residents in Mijas the town hall has said that any homes which are 25 years old or more must now be inspected by  architects and any problems must be fixed