January Sees A Fall In Number Of Foreign Visitors To Spain

There were falls in the number of tourists from the  British, German and Italian markets

2013 has started with some poor figures for the tourism sector. Figures provided by Encuesta de Movimientos Turísticos en Frontera (Frontur) have shown that in January 2,738,173 international travelers visited Spain, 2.6% less than in January 2012, Visitors from the UK recorded fell by 4.6% , but with 506,222 visitors, {18.5%}, Britain remained the main source of tourists to Spain, with 506,222 and visitors from Germany fell by 6% contributing 408,857 to the total The figures show that the number of German visitors to the Canary Islands fell by 52% Germany . Despite the fall in numbers from the UK and Germany there was an increase of 6.7% of visitors from France with Catalonia seeing the biggest increase , There was also an increase of 12.1 of visitors from the Nordic coutries Tourist numbers from Holland,Switzerland and the USA fell by 22%, 23.4% and 1.6%, respectively The worst fall in number however came from Italy which saw a fall of 29.3% The most popular region for foreign visitors was the Canary Islands Catalonia saw an increase of 2.6% making it the second most popular There was also rises in the Balearic Islands and Valencia while in Andalucia the number of visitors fell by 8.2% Madrid also saw a fall of 6.6% The financial