Swedish Wine makers in Spain

Making top-quality wines in sweltering southern Spain is a challenge. Many would say that you would have to be a bit crazy to event attempt it. And that’s also how it felt the first few years. But sometimes he who dares wins and the greater challenge, the greater the reward. Right here on our mountain we found the perfect ground, comprising high levels of calcareous slate, surrounding rivers that cool the vines on the hottest days, mountains to provide shade in the morning – in other words the ideal conditions for growing grapes.
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Inga-Lill and Rickard Enkvist, Swedish Wine makers in Spain.

Top score in ”Guia Intervinos”! The results from Guia Intervinos (Spanish, highly influential wine guide with an annual circulation of 35.000 copies), have now been made public: Sofia scored 91 of 100 points, Ultimos Sueños 93 and Sueños Reserva 94.
New and exciting Hotel option! Now you can combine a visit to the wineyard, including a wine tasting and delicious tapas, with a visit to Gaucín, ending the day with dinner and accommodation in what has been rated one of the hottest hotel in Europe by the Sunday Times. Wellcome to La Fructosa. Click ”Visit” at our website: www.enkvistwines.com

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