Always Clean Drinking Water!

Go Clean Go GreenChoose the smart alternative to buying bottled water!
Now you can stop worrying if your drinking water is free of viruses, bacteria and harmful substances.At last, you will not have water with bad taste, odor and appearance. Instead you can drink your own pure mineral water! The solution is water purifier GLOW  UV400. A new patented Swedish product that combines Carbon Block Filter for particle purification with UV Radiation for elimination of bacteria and viruses. A double treatment effects that previously required large and expensive water treatment system.
If you have a private well, you can avoid costly measures. If you have municipal water you do not have the strong chlorination and ensures a sterile water. If you currently buy much bottled drinking water, save money and the environment.

Pure water on your trip
GLOW UV400 is portable and works equally well with a 12V battery. Therefore you can use it in the boat, caravan or mobile home. You can also to bring the water purifier on your holiday trip abroad.Quick growth of bacteria in water tanksIn many boats, caravans and mobile homes are a water tank that can hold several hundred liters of water. With a temperature of around 20 degrees occurs a relatively rapid growth of various microorganisms in this water. It is not noticeable until you clean the tank. The risk of getting bacteria and suffering such as stomach problems increases as time passes since the water was fresh.
With GLOW UV400 the water sterilize and becomes free from pathogenic bacteria and the filter removes any contaminants, dirt and deposits. The result is a clean and fresh water even when you are traveling.
InstallationYou install it very easily yourself on your faucet. Do you want to connect it directly to the water, we can help for a very reasonable cost.The package includes all the connections you need.
Your GLOW UV400 can be collected in Marbella and Fuengirola.Contact us for more information or orders.Mail: info [at] costadelsol [dot] stTlf: 659 66 45 67
Normal price € 399. Price now € 195
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